About Cured By Design

Our Vision…

Our vision is to provide an educational and memorable experience for our customers. We strive to help our communities understand alternative remedies, Cannabidiol (CBD) and new science behind herbal and hemp based products.

How do we achieve this?

We accomplish this by collaborating with credible distributors. This collaborative allows our team to source and provide high quality CBD products. Our products will be tested and backed by some of the best brands in the CBD business!

How does this help the consumer?

By featuring only tested and certified products, Cured By Design will be able to stand by the products we provide for alternative needs. This information will give customers peace of mind experiencing alternatives as the industry grows and solidifies its future.

The “Customer Experience”

Cured By Design is staffed with experienced professionals in the health and wellness markets. We are dedicated to providing educational and informational updates throughout our store and online!

Community Involvement

We have secured collaborative events with local businesses. These events are designed to incorporate health and wellness with everyday options. This will allow us to reach out and educate the community whilst providing a unique experience! Our newsletter and membership options will keep you notified and updated on scheduled events!